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"This is about much more than just being offline! 200% committed to myself, confident, with a refreshing outlook and new insights. It was a great day."


Effectory has been using 1 day offline since 2013. Employees can order 1 day offline when they need to take a break and re-shift their focus.


"I recommend everyone to go offline for a day. To be completely

 with yourself for 1 day. With the different assignments in the box, there is something for everyone. "

Young Colfield

For Young Colfield we have been able to provide several team days offline in nature. A day that strengthens both the individuals and the team as a whole."


"I rarely stand still and do nothing. The idea that you have 1 day to yourself already feels like a gift in itself. An experiment that I can recommend to everyone."

Van Doorne

Van Doorne offers 1 day offline to their lawyers and staff as part of their internal academy.

Employees can request 1 day offline when they need it.


"1 day offline was a real present! In addition to rest and charging my battery. I received what I want to get started with in the near future. I can recommend it to everyone!"


For ASML we have organized a day offline for 30 global HR managers with interactive workshops, sharings and 1 on 1 coaching. 


"An adventurous journey. In my own city, but especially in my head; along thoughts, emotions and inspiration. A journey that I can recommend to everyone."

North Gate

Noorderpoort offers 1 day offline in their training academy. Employees can experience a day offline alone or with a colleague.


"Amazing what new insights you can get by going offline for 1 day. It gave me new insights about what is really important to me in my life."

Prince Foundation

The Prinsenstichting offered all its employees 1 day offline as a thank you for their commitment and engagement. 


"A day to think about what is really important and how you can increase your influence. Inspiration, gratitude and peace. Thanks."


ABN AMRO both uses 1 day offline as an individual day within the traineeships. And as part of a large cultural change program within the bank.


"Striking, surprising, fun and sometimes sensitive assignments. Enough material and inspiration to fill your day. It has helped me both personally and professionally."

Willis Towers Watson

For Willis Towers Watson we have twice organized an event for the young consultants (<35 years) in which we offered several inspiring workshops.


"I started my day curious about what it would bring me. I left with new insights and plans. An experiment that will stay with me for a long time."


Menzis uses the 1 day offline original box as part of their internal traineeship for their young professionals on the themes

personal leadership and vitality.


"1 day offline has given me beautiful insights in a playful way. It especially helped me to stimulate my creativity. Only 1 day offline and I feel so much richer!"

bearing point

For the Bearinpoint consultants we created a special taylormade            program for their annual internal event with several workshops on offline themes.


"I could fully enjoy my day. The box contains all kinds of small tips to be happier in everyday life. Tips that have really helped me a lot."


Great Place To Work Netherlands offered our original offline box as a gift to their employees as part of their Christmas present.


"Unpacking the box was a party on itself! I have experienced the day as very valuable and the beautiful insights impact me till today."


Together with YSE and Unilever, we organized a day unplugged for managers and young talents on the theme of vitality.


"I am deeply impressed by the wonderful 1 day offline box. It is full of exciting assignments, colorful challenges and inspiring materials."

Zorg & Zekerheid

Z&Z organizes an annual Summer and Winter School where employees go offline and share their experiences afterwards.


"I experienced small adventures with the assignments from the box. I now often reserve a day offline for myself and recommend everyone to do the same!"


Horizon uses our 1 day offline box as part of their (personal) leadership training- and coaching programs with their clients


"A sense of pride, gratitude, self-compassion, beauty and warmth arose. I paused in the now. 1 day offline was a great gift to myself. Thank you!"

Job training

Job training offered the box as a business gift for their freelance trainers and coaches. Next to this, they are also using 1 day offline in their training-programs. 


"After unpacking the box, there was a small party on my floor and I was immediately awake. You are creatively challenged to chew on issues that require attention."


We have organized special interactive inspiration evenings for the employees of YSE several times

around some of the important offline themes.


"A special experience 1 day offline. Playful instructions lead you along a route full of variation until you finally ... find yourself. Surprising, educational and fun."


Customeyes has been using 1 day offline since 2013. All employees can take a day offline when they need it.


"The offline box has been carefully designed to take you through a day of adventures. It was a very inspiring day. I can recommend it to everyone. Thank you!"

DPA Professionals

A part of DPA has offered 1 day offline as a Christmas gift to its employees to thank them for their commitment.


"The success of the day was a balance between spirituality and tangibility. Facilitated by two super coaches. Highly recommended!"


Accenture offered the 1 day offline box on an annual team day to their HR employees as a thank you for their performance and commitment.


"I got to know myself better, overcome obstacles, met people and found a rest that I had lost for a while. A real eye-opener!"

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