1 day offline

Unplugged, undistracted and unreachable for a day. Perhaps a memory from a distant past or a utopia? Experience the here and now with a 1 day offline box. Focus on yourself, be inspired and feel totally relaxed.


How does it work?

Select a day. Empty your agenda. Store your phone, laptop and other digital resources. Then you are completely ready for 1 day offline. Open the offline box and discover gifts, special themes and surprising assignments. Get started with what resonates for you. Treat yourself. And escape your busy life for a day. 


Which box fits me?

Our Original box offline contains a complete mix of 15 special themes around challenge, relaxation and reflection. Allow yourself time offline and determine what you need on the day!

Do you want to get started with a specific theme or do you want to start small(er)? Then order a Minibox offline with a selection of 5 themes.




I am a psychologist and have been working in the training and coaching industry since 2005. Seven years ago I founded 1 day offline, because I was fascinated by the possibilities and challenges of today times. Do you have any questions after viewing this site or do you want to discuss a specific wish? Nice to talk to you!

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