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1 day offline 


Being offline, undisturbed and unreachable for a day. Perhaps an experience from the distant past or a utopia? With the 1 day offline box you can experience it here and now. Feel the inspiration and relaxation in total focus on yourself. Treat yourself. And escape your busy life for a while with this offline day. 

Offline in 4 steps
1. Order a box. Pick a day, clear your calendar and keep that day free.   

2. Go offline. Store your phone, laptop and other digital assets.

3. Choose a location that feels right for you and open the offline box.

4. Discover special themes, surprising assignments and choose.

De offline boxen

Which box is for me?

Our  Original box offline contains a complete mix of 15 special themes around challenge, relaxation and reflection. Give yourself time offline and determine what you need on the day!

Do you want to get started with a specific theme or do you want to start small(er)? Then order a Minibox offline with a selection of 5 themes.  

lachende wandeling-09.png



"1 day offline has given me beautiful insights in a playful way. It has especially helped me to stimulate my creativity. Only 1 day offline and so much richer!"




"This is about much more than just being offline! 200% committed to myself, full of confidence, a refreshing outlook and new insights. Have a great day."




Questions or want to know more? Leave a message and I'll get in touch. 

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